Firefighter Thomas Cullen III
Squad 41

Memorial Service was held
on October 5, 2001

Firefighter Thomas Cullen III

Thomas P. Cullen, a firefighter for the New York Fire Department, would wait until his 2-year-old son and namesake would go to sleep, then rearrange the toy train track in the family living room. “He wanted Tom to be excited when he came downstairs every morning,” said Cullen’s wife, Susan. “He spent his day thinking about how he would design it.
He would always say, ‘I can't wait for Thomas to go to bed. I have a good idea for a new track.”’

--The Associated Press

Passionate About Firefighting, Fatherhood
Nov. 28, 2001

Thomas Cullen was going to go to law school -- but only if he didn't get accepted into the fire department. He was thankful when the FDNY called him to duty.

Cullen, 31, was passionate about fighting fires. The Staten Island resident, who enjoyed playing football and scuba diving, looked forward to nothing more than he did playing model trains with his young son.

He is survived by his wife of five years, Susan; his son, Thomas P. Cullen IV; his parents Rita and Thomas Jr.; 18-year-old brother Sean, and sister, Rita Cullen.

--Compiled by Newsday

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