Firefighter Steve Mercado
Engine 40

Memorial Service
was held on
Saturday, November 10, 2001

Firefighter Steve Mercado

A Father's Special Gift to His Son

'Our Game' by Steve J. Mercado

I laughed when he spoke about games in the streets
For I was a spoiled boy who played games in cleats
I played with kids whose names I don't recall
But his friends remain friends who meet each spring through fall

He grew up in the Bronx, by standards, quite poor
But as a Father he vowed to give us much more
As a boy, I saw the twinkle in his eye
When he reminisced and told tales of days gone by

He spoke of stickball as if it were treasure
I had never partaken in the source of his pleasure
One Sunday morning I came out to see
This game that he spoke of with such passion and glee

My only regret is I had not joined him before
For our relationship since has become so much more
He's not only my Dad but my best friend as well
And I'd like to thank stickball for this tale I tell

I've vowed that my children will have much more than I
For I will teach them to reach for the sky
I pray every day that my boys will be fine
And as happy with their Dad as I am with mine

Stickball's the game, and each week we play
Running, hitting, laughing, enjoying the day
Our families, our friends, we love them the same
Look forward to seeing you Sunday to play "Our Game."

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