Captain David Wooley
Ladder 4

Memorial Service was held
on October 6th, 2001

Capt. David T. Wooley

Firefighter Cherished Role as Granddad Jan. 24, 2002

David T. Wooley Sr. loved to play with his 3-year-old grandson, Justin. “He took him everywhere,” said Wooley’s wife of 33 years, Linda.

Although Wooley was affectionate to everyone in the family, he doted on his only grandchild —- often thanking his son, David Jr. and daughter-in-law Jennifer, for letting him spend time with the tot.

On Sept. 11, Wooley, 53, left for work just before 7 a.m. It was the last time that Justin, who had spent the night with his grandparents, would see him.

A New York City firefighter for 31 years, Wooley rose to captain. He was covering for another firefighter that day and not at his usual assignment with Ladder 4 in midtown Manhattan.

“He loved his job,” Linda said.

David and Linda met as kids on Staten Island, they married during the tumultuous ’60s and settled into a comfortable family lifestyle. Wooley supplemented his income running a part-time business, hanging wallpaper and painting.

“We had a great life, we really and truly did,” Linda said.

After raising two children, David Jr., 31, and Stacy, 25, the couple were looking forward to some quiet time alone.

“It was going to be our time to just enjoy ourselves,” Linda said. “He was one in a million.”

-— Liz Bartolai (The Morning Call)

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