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There are many heroes to many different people, and as I try to think of one other than my dad, it is impossible. I have no other true hero in my life. My father has been my hero since I was born. He and I had a very special relationship. You see, I am the only boy in the McCann family and I was the only boy in the McGrane family until I was seven years old. My dad and I shared all the things that guys do together. Playing sports, watching sports, coaching sports and talking sports. I loved this time with my dad.

Daddy was a hero to all of my family. My mother, sister and I depended on him to love us, make us laugh and support us. He worked harder than anyone I had ever met. He was away all the time working but he never missed calling me. He called about five times a day and I still hoped every time the phone rang it would be him. He supported us by working as a firefighter who helped others and saved people’s lives. In a sense, my dad was a hero to many people before he died at the World Trade Center.

My dad was also a Trustee for the Carpenter’s Union and he worked hard to get this promotion which came only this year. This job was physical and hard to do especially after working a 24-hour shift as a firemen, putting out fires, and helping people all night long.

The thing he loved the most about my growing up in Manalapan was how I had the opportunity to play so many sports. He grew up in the city and he was a very good athlete, but they did not have ball fields to play on. My dad used to play football and baseball on the hard basketball courts behind the public school. His knees and ankles were so bruised from falling and sliding so many times on asphalt.

My dad also loved the golf courses in Monmouth County and we played golf all the time. On September 11th, dad was supposed to be on the links, but went on a run to the World Trade Center instead. Daddy was my caddie and I would play in the New Jersey Junior Golf Tournaments. He was an excellent coach in all my sports, but you should see how he taught me to play golf. He also won a lot of tournaments. He taught me to play basketball and would coach me from the sidelines every chance he could. I always played ten times better when he coached me and told me what play to make. He was great to have on the sidelines in any sport. He was sad that he could not always make my baseball games and so was I. All of the other dads were there to help their kids, but my dad always had to work. I actually quit baseball, because it was not fun to play if he couldn’t be there to watch me. Last year he taught me how to snowboard, even though he had never snowboarded before, he was such a good athlete, he just knew what to tell me.

I like to talk about my dad a lot, but sometimes it hurts too much. He was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. You all know that my dad was a hero to me and I am proud that now he is a hero to the rest of the world.

Sean Thomas McCann


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