Fireman Nails Osama "Butt" Good LARRY CELONA NY Post Online October 22, 2001 -- A New York City firefighter's fightin' Irish words for Osama bin Laden were the surprise hit of the benefit Concert for New York. Wild applause shook Madison Square Garden when Michael Moran, 38, delivered his in-your-face patriotic message to the terror chief: "Kiss my royal Irish ass!" But the rave reviews didn't stop there. Moran's fiancée, Donna, was moved to tears. And when he got home, the Ladder Co. 3 veteran found a congratulatory note on his door. His answering machine was full - with messages from people who watched the live event on television. "Mike, you did my Irish heart proud," said a doctor from Maryland who has never met Moran but was touched by his remarks. Moran's brother, FDNY Battalion Chief John Moran, perished in the Sept. 11 terrorist strike. While Moran was watching the concert, he realized he wanted to get up on stage and say something. Actor Michael J. Fox, who was standing nearby, told him he could. Then fireman-turned-actor Steve Buscemi - who attended probationary firefighters school with John Moran - and comic star Adam Sandler gave him a thumbs-up on his hastily composed speech. As he was going up to the stage, someone handed him a card with a picture of FDNY Capt. Louis Modaferri, and Moran mentioned his name along with his brother's - and some choice words for Osama. Last night, Moran said his invitation to Osama wasn't just talk. "I meant every word of it," he said. And what if he found himself face to face in an alley with bin Laden? "I'd put my hands around his throat and bite off his nose - for starters," he said.