Irish Age: 43 Occupation: Battalion chief Worked for: FDNY Originally from: Resided in: Rockaways, NY School: College: Fordham University '94 Submitted by: Irish Tribute () -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other links: Tribute [ Photo album ] More Tributes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From NY Times Oct 25 'Firefighter With Law Degree' John Moran was a Fire Department battalion chief and his cousin Joseph Crowley was a congressman. But when they united their voices that last Saturday afternoon, at the block party in the Rockaways -- well, "The Star of the County Down" never sounded sweeter. At 42, Chief Moran was a kayaking, tin- whistle-playing firefighter with a law degree. But he never put himself before others. When his wife, Kim, was working out of town, he fed, bathed and smothered with love their two children -- Ryan, 7, and Dylan, 4 -- all the while ensuring that Peggy Moran, his mother who lived above him, never went wanting. "When I saw his car outside, back home from work, that was a comfort to me," his mother said. People may never forget the taunt that Michael Moran, John's younger brother and fellow firefighter, delivered to Osama bin Laden during a nationally televised concert in October, a taunt so profane and yet so eloquent, full of Irish anger and grief. But Kim Moran will remember the late afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 9, the day after the block party and two days before the disaster that swallowed him. Trudging up from the beach came her beaming husband, pulling his sons on that wheeled contraption he had built for his kayak. His wife grabbed a camera and caught it: John Moran in his glory. -- Anon () -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wish I had the privilege of knowing John Moran better. From listening to family members and friends speak of John, it is clear he has left a legacy behind they can all be proud of. May the Moran family find inner peace in knowing how much John loved them all and may they find strength in the memories they shared. and Mike. . . he's watching over you now! -- anonymous (Friend {rockaway friend}) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don not personally know the Moran family, but I am trying to help spread the word about Thanks to John's brother Mike, his now infamous quote in the Irish community is part of a great new Irish fight song! You should check it out. It would be great if this song became the official Irish-American fight song! Tell them Tammy sent you if you order it. -- Tammy McCauley (Friend admirer) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I knew John Moran through the website He seemed like a great patriotic American, and we at FreeRepublic think about him often. For the memory of John and for his brother Mike, we wrote THE BALLAD OF MIKE MORAN, aka The Fireman Song. --- "Osama, step right up and kiss my royal Irish ass." Our condolences to Mike, Kim, the kids, and the rest of the Moran family. Our prayers go out for the soul of John and all those heroes who daily risked their lives to save others. -- Doug Cogan (Friend {Internet friend}) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John, Bess and I miss you. We miss the songs and good times. God Bless Kin and the boys. -- Liam (Friend {out law})