On March 23, 1972, Demetrios and Olga Pappageorge welcomed James Nicholas to the world. Raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, he attended day school at the Transfiguration of Christ Elementary School and wentFirefighter James Pappageorge on to Newtown High School. Having been deeply involved in a variety of sports since childhood that included volleyball, softball and football, Jimmy went on to pursue a career in physical therapy at Hunter College. His fascination for adrenaline-driven outdoor adventures led him to what would be the beginning of his life-long passion of high flying rescue and emergency medicine. In 1993 Jimmy became an EMT and began his career at countless volunteer ambulance companies. In 1995 he joined the FDNY EMS Division. He went to LaGuardia Community College where he graduated as a Paramedic in 1999. On July 23, 2001, Jimmy successfully graduated from the FDNY academy. He would eventually leave a short but remembered legacy of friendship, professionalism and courage. Six weeks later on 9/11 he did just that. He made the ultimate sacrifice - his life to save others. He left a Hero. Jimmy loved to hear all types of music from classical (like his Father) to rock and roll and Latin music. He loved to take pictures. He loved playing sports and he loved weightlifting. It amazed me to see that Jimmy had so much self control and was able to structure his body to whatever form he desired. He was an intellectual man who kept up with his studies regarding medicine. Despite his muscular exterior and the wild side he displayed at work, Jimmy was a family man at heart. He loved his fiancee Gina very much and was a father figure to her son. Jimmy coached her son through baseball, soccer and basketball. Jimmy cherished whatever moments he had with Gina and her son because of his hectic schedule as a paramedic and a firefighter. They were to celebrate their eight years of love with a wedding in September of 2002. Jimmy loved his family very much. He was very much like his mother, a dedicated hard-working person throughout her life who preferred quiet moments at home. He learned the value of life and all the responsibilities that come along with it from his father. Jimmy and his sister, Helen, shared everything as children and then as adults. They had an amazing bond that will never be broken. They were both very proud of each other and the accomplishments they made in life. Submitted By: James's Sister

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