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The 11th Day of September

In 31 days, less 4 short weeks it will be a year,
That you were stolen away from us, my dear.
365 days in a row filled an empty place with space,
Only your photo reminds us of your wonderful face.

The seasons changed from hot to cold, the year did pass,
We watched the rain turn to ivory snowfall on the grass.
A bountiful harvest, the holiday season, a brand new year,
Cautiously we anticipate and hope but, mostly we fear.

The determined crews have removed tons of rubble in the piles,
Now city people argue, how to replace with many different styles.
Lady Liberty's city will remember the many that perished,
They'll never comprehend how very much you were cherished.

Our nations' warriors are set to fight this increasing terrible hate,
We hear that more battles will occur but when, so we wait and wait.
A terrible man who scoffed the father declared "that he won, it is done,"
He must never underestimate the powerful strength of America's son.

We support our great nation and our President George W. Bush,
He gave us the leadership that we needed with a big Texas push.
These cowardly acts done by these evil doers who will sorely pay,
We, as a united nation will not stop this fight until they all go away.

So in 31 short days we will pause to hear the speeches,songs and praise,
We'll watch the Finest Bravest heroes with the well worn flag that they'll raise.
America's citizens across the land will bow heads in prayer and remember,
United we'll vow as a nation, we will not forget, and we'll never surrender.

Mostly we promise to always remember that 11th day in September!

by Shelley J. Arellano