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On that fateful day of September 11
Thousands of souls journeyed to heaven.

Evil beings from lands far away
Banded together and made us their prey.

The horrific scenes on radio and TV
Why, oh why did this have to be?

To our once peaceful nation the devil came
Filling our lives with terror and pain.

We salute the crew and passengers of Flight 93
For its intended target it would not see.

And the rescue workers in Washington and Ground Zero
Each has become a national hero.

And finally here I applaud us all
For we stand strong, united and tall.

Our patriotism shines through to do our good deed
We gave from our hearts to help those in need.

We fly our flag proudly from coast to coast
The red, white and blue forever we will boast.

Our nation and allies will defeat this evil beast
And justice will prevail and grant us all peace.

God Bless America one and all
For we will not falter, waver or fall!

By: Julie A. Wyatt