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Colors of Tragedy

Bronze water parts concrete dust on swollen faces
Cooling pink burns
Gold crosses drape around tan necks
Yellow stripes cover gray jackets
And black strips wrap brass badges for lost comrades
Fighting orange blazes is nothing compared to this

Flames glowing fierce in hearts of blackness
The rubble is still hot as they travel down flights
Searching for pale peach skin in pieces under brown bars
Exiting only because of exhaustion with empty dirty hands
America's finest break down and cry

Ribbons of red, white, and blue are all that remain
Empting stores of strips and constellations
Ruby blood fill empty clear bags
Walls of pictures of loved ones marches 1,350 feet
Straight into the blue sky

Watching again and again as identical twins fall togther
Faulted by unwilling silver eagles
43,600 eyes slam shut simultaneously
Not seeing the noses in front of their faces

The spark that unites a world
Candles light the darkness in silence
Tragedy has no colors


The Backs of America's Heros

Holds your breath
As you travel into the smoke

The smog settles itself
Into the crevices
Encrusting itself in smooth planes

The stretching of worn muscles
Navigates the rivers of gray sweat
Between the canyon of shoulder blades

Pain ligers
Between the vertebra
From the weight
Of the ones lost

Crying hidden
By smoke stained masked

Outstreched and exhausted
Down on one knee
It curves to visit
The ones taken

Taking a second
Breathing it all in
Pulling back tears
And returning back to work
Never giving up hope

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