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Daddy, I asked Mommy
To help write this letter for me,
But for some strange reason,
She cannot look at me.

When I mentioned you the other day
A teardrop fell from her eye,
But Daddy, I'm just five years old
And I can't understand why.

When you went out on that call
In smoke, fire, and glass,
All that Mommy told me was
America was under attack.

I waited for you all that day
It was kind of a drag,
But I rode in this big, black car
And Mommy got a flag.

They put a ribbon on your firetruck
It was red, white, and blue,
Then they wrote "In Memory"
Next to the flowers they bought for you.

I have to go now Daddy
It's time to go to bed,
Your picture is on my pillow
And each night I tuck you in.

I only have one question
If these bad guys say "I'm sorry,"
Will Jesus let you leave Heaven
And come back home to me and Mommy?

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