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The Day The Eagle Cried

9:00 AM
I hear planes crashing in to steal.
I see the fire and people jumping for their lives.
This was the day the eagle cried .
People cried for their loved ones a chaplain dies giving last rights
FDNY and NYPD officers die in the rubble.
This was the day the eagle cried Volunteers rushed to the aid of the men and women in New York and Washington.
Americans donate blood and money and food.
The heroes of 9/11 are now memories to the families and friends of the true heroes their spirits will always be with us.
This is for my fallen brothers and sisters.
Take off your helmets and dawn your wings.
For the towers have fallen and the tears are still here.
The day the eagle cried was the day the U.S. died inside

in memory of all the fallen men and women who gave their lives to save someone they never met we will never for get

written by Randy Cygan