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Dedicated to Firefighter Michael Ragusa…
Missing since 9/11/2001…
My brother…

Did my brother save you that fateful day
Did he guide you out safely so you could run away
Did he lead you down stairwells of thick black smoke
Did he give air from his respirator to let you not choke
Did he talk to you his last words as he saved your life
Did he tell you he was single, no kids and no wife
Did he tell you how much he loved doing his job
Did his eyes swell with tears, did he try not to sob
Did my brother look scared as he ran right back in
Did he save any others…or were you the last to see him
Did you happen to see the look in his eyes
Did you see horror or peace or just his demise
Did he help you stop crying as you left to go
Did he give you a smile or was pain all to show
Did my brother say goodbye as he let go your hand
These things need be spoken, you must understand

Please tell me...Did my brother save you?

By Christine Ragusa Saladeen