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FDNY Angels

Sirens going
"We've got a call!"
Twin Towers!
Get your gear on brothers
not knowing what is at stake
Everyday can be your last...
People running, walking down the stairs
Brothers helping him, helping her,
Who these people are I don't know?
"Come on people let's go! down the stairs!"
Smoke filling up on high
Running up, till the last person runs by
"I have to save them!" The brothers say
"This is my job, I will never stray."
The smoke filled air, the dust coming down,
Down comes Twin Towers in the sky
My brothers keep running, running to save the life of the people, the people in the sky
My brothers still saving the people in heavens sky
They are my brothers, with ANGEL WINGS
Guiding the thousands of souls up into the sky
My brothers saying, "Come, Come, this way...I will guide you, guide you into heavens sky."
My brothers are with me, I am at peace
I am still a brother they say, only know i am a brother guiding in heavens sky, with ANGEL'S WINGS....

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By Miss Grant