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A Heavenly Friendship.....September 11th, 2005

Think of them together
Strangers, no more
All of them becoming friends
When they met at Heaven's door.
They are all so happy,
With the new friends they made,
There is no sadness amongst
any of them
And they are greeted with a parade.
They'd all share their stories
and tell of their former lives.
They'd speak lovingly of those they left
Grandparents, parents, siblings,
Nieces, nephews,cousins, husbands, children
or wives.
A loving friendship was formed among all of them,
On that September 11th day,
Knowing that they were meant to be together
When God took them all home, to stay!

Written by Nancy Kearns
Wife of retired FDNY Battalion Chief
James F. Kearns III