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Day of Remembrance

Eight months after the unthinkable happened,
and so many lives were shattered,
the recovery at Ground Zero is done,
and a new day has begun.
We honour the Firefighters of the FDNY,
with tears in our eyes,
who have given our nation so much pride.
They have lost so many of their comrades,
we honour them now in a parade.
Police Officers, EMTS only to name a few,
remind us of hearts so true,
working past exhaustion only to save one life,
this fills my heart with great pride.
Thank you for these remarkable acts
they have shown humanity at its best,
in every way,
and I will continue to pray,
for those heroes of 9-11,
who are now in heaven.
They are recognized as heroes for the ages,
and have entered many newspapers' frontpages.

May 29, 2002

Last call from WTC

Imagine your husband on the phone,
telling you he can't make it home,
he is trapped on the 90th floor,
and won't be here no more.
Stay calm, don't worry,
tell all of my family in a hurry,
I love them all,
sorry I didn't make a call.
Remember all the good times we had,
and please don't be sad,
I know we meet again,
when the years have come and gone,
so please try again,
to be strong.

March 23, 2002

Ground Zero

It was just another morning in September,
and people will always remember,
when people of hate,
decided over the fate,
of the United States of America.
Just another movie,
everybody thought,
and some could see
people got caught,
in the planes and the WTC,
who had no way of knowing,
that this was their end.
The famous Twin Towers of New York,
from which everybody thought,
they would never fall down,
just hit the ground.
In them were thousands of people
that had no clue
about what had happened.
In the days after,
the disaster,
one man gave its citizens the strength they needed,
it was Rudy Giuliani,
that said NY would never be defeated.
Every person tells a tale of heroism that day,
and many could say,
that the day,
changed the city forever,
for the better.
Just another autumn morning,
and without a warning,
thousands of lives ended,
which no one could have defended.
For the American spirit cannot be destroyed,
these terrorists will be annoyed,
by realizing that America united even more,
than before.
I will never forget the people who died that day,
and I say,
to those left behind,
go on with your lives,
in order to show respect,
to the dead,
of Sept.11.
They died as heroes.

December 31, 2001

Symbol of Freedom

She is known for freedom all over the world,
and has been going through a lot of hurt,
her name is Old Glory,
and she has got a long life story.
She's a symbol for unity, honor and truth,
her colours are red, white and blue.
In times of crisis,
she gives us relief and comfort,
we realized that a lot
on 9-11-2001.
We are stronger than ever before,
and we have experienced our pride to this nation once more.
No one will ever defeat us,
even though we were wounded,
out if this tragedy came trust,
as part of our cities lay in ruins.
You tried to overcome us with fear,
but instead you have to hear,
our nations pride grew stronger,
and terrorism is there no longer.
We shall never forget the date 9-11,
on which so many people went to heaven,
they must have been going through a lot of pain,
but I am sure they didn't die in vain.
Nothing is the same as it was before that fateful day,
but what I can say,
is that I love the USA.


Honorable Rudy Giuliani

Last year in September,
it was a day that the world will always remember,
one man rose to the occasion,
he helped to heal a whole nation.
As he informed his fellow New Yorkers about the attack,
his voice began to crack,
he spoke of a tremendous loss of civilian life,
and said this terror we have to fight.
How he encouraged everyone to move on,
was something that made us strong,
he also lost many close friends in the Towers that day,
all we could do was pray.
He praised New Yorkers for their strength in its darkest hour,
and spoke of their renewed power.
Even though the terrorists broke our heart,
nothing will ever tear us apart,
we are more united than before,
and a stronger community and nation once more.

July 28, 2002