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"Lady Liberty"

Today I watched in disbelief as Lady Liberty held her head down to cry.
She silently weep tears of sadness for our grief.
She could not believe what had happened in our skies.
The anger was hard for her to control but, she is an American true and proud.
She held her torch high to let us know.
We are United and we will regain control.
This is our country.
This is our goal.
From this day forward (Sept. 11th 2001) we will not be undersold.
Our Nation stands tall with this symbol so bold.
Gods hands opened up tp comfort us and agreed.
Protection we shall find in him;
In him be ever blessed.
Today Lady Liberty said,"Fear not children, for as I stand so tall,so shall our greatness as we make these cowards learn and fall."
"I will keep my watch and greet the world with my smile."
I will stand as I have always stood,Mighty and true."
"For , I am the symbol,"
"The symbol that we can unite ever brother,sister, and friend."
I will light the stairways to Heaven for our HERO'S way."
"I am the gateway to America and freedom."
"I will keep a watchful eye."
"You are my Ambassadors to our World."
Then she finished her speech with a silent prayer.
I heard her whisper ,"God bless America," and "Keep us in your care."
She raised her head up and her crown how it glimmered and shined.
Once again, I am reminded we are from Jesus; and with his love we are only here by the grace of the Devine!

by Billie Taylor Sherrell