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On that Day


The eleventh day
New York City
An ordinary day? A day like any other?
This is not an ordinary day
My pain is so intense I believe I will die
A part of me dies
Many others die
I am so far away
Yet I am so near
I am with you
My body, my soul, my being
My heart cries out to you
For you
What can I do to help you through this horror?
I am helpless
My tears can only help me
To bear this grief
I am not alone
The world grieves with me
Be strong, be strong
How can I be strong?
How can you be strong?
But you are
Oh yes
Oh yes
Only 'doing your job'?
On no
So much more, so much more
Not one day has passed that you are not in my thoughts
Not one day has passed that I have not spoken your name
Not one day will pass that you will not be remembered
We will go on
As this life demands
I will never forget
You will never forget
How can we forget?
The victims
The survivors
The lost ones
The loved ones
All those who gave their lives
All those who gave their all
On this day