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We had twin towers,
tall and majestic, they stood against the blue sky.

Like generals,
standing erect and proud,
saluting clouds and rain and fog.
Soaring high,
filled with life, prosperity and a future,

I had a brother.
Tall and proud, he stood for family, friends and country.

A pillar of strength
for his wife, his kids and me.
Always ready, always there.
Willing to do , to go, to help...

And then....
in an instant,
after the foot soldiers ran in to try and save the generals,
a crumbled ruin smolders.

Strewn with our loved ones.
Their hopes and dreams,
their strength - collapsed.

Taking along, all we loved and cherished
about life and about America.
Leaving behind
an empty space in our skyline.
A space filled to the brim with tears and despair,
anguish and heartache.

When the smoke clears,
and the rubble is gone,
When are hearts mend a bit,
and weak smiles return...Will we rise again?
And when will we see our loved ones?

Janie Ill - sister of Capt. Frederick J. Ill, Jr.
FDNY- Ladder 2 - Manhattan
 by Jane Ill, sister of Captain Fred Ill of Ladder 2