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One Day Turns into One Year

One day in a year we remember,
We will never forget that September.
Our nations' citizens pause and regret,
Their loved ones mourn and sadly reflect.

Dear ones want one more day,
24 hours to remember to say.
How very much they do miss,
Squeezed hugs,that one last kiss.

A year has passed, the city's wounds heal,
Our daily routine returns, we learn to deal.
Unwanted changes in our lives, love lost,
In their memory we vow revenge at all cost.

We refuse to let this make us stop,
This will never make our citizens drop.
A united country we stand taller with pride,
Our great nation will not stop and hide.

Evil ones responsible will be caught,
America's swift justice will be sought.
Never again will our enemy's hate soar,
Golden eagles' bring justice with a loud roar.

Never take for granted a single day,
Please remember all of this I pray.
The ones you so dearly love are here,
Tomorrow they may suddenly disappear.

Quickly that one day turns into in one year!

By Shelley J. Arellano

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