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Our Heroes

You are someone’s Grandfather, father, son

You are bravery, strength, and honor.

You are fearless, fierce, and compassionate

Without you, we are hopeless.

Daily you lay your life on the line to protect us from the flames, rescue us from tangled metal.

Some say you're crazy, running into a burning building, but will they ever know what it feels like to find that child, to save a life from the clutches of that fiery hell?

You are someone's grandmother, mother, daughter.

You are our firefighters, our sons, our daughters, OUR HEROES

Thank You
You are a father, a son, a mother, a daughter, a lover.
You speak law, common sense, truth.
You posses strength, intelligence, bravery, sincerity, integrity.
You see violence, abandonment, neglect, injustice, blood, death.
You hear thanklessness, obscenity, thoughtlessness, hatred.
You feel disrespected, unheard, underpaid, unimportant, useless.
You get yelled at, spat at, hit upon, stabbed, shot and killed.
To most of them you're "pigs", "fuzz", "po po's", "5_0"
You are Law Enforcement.
You are my best-friend, my lover, my colleague, my brother, my sister.
My respect, my concerns, my heart, my soul, my thoughts, my worries,
my prayers are with you.
When you see, hear, feel and experience the blunt realities of your world, know I care.
You may have faults, but there are people like me Who will always honor you.
I will be there for you, when you need me.
Just as you are there when I need you...
Thank You.


A message from Shannan Ellington

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