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I thought I saw an angel one day

A smiling face to show me the way

Leading me down the smoke filled stairwell

This angels story I wish to tell

Strong as ten men he could be

Of all the people why stop to help me

As down the stairs we went

Who knew this angel from heaven would be sent

Faster now, we had to go

It seemed like time was our greatest foe

An entire lifetime it seemed we spent

As down the stairs we quickly went

It looked like we finally reached the end

As the building started to bend

He led me out to a safe place

All the while with a smile on his face

A smile filled peacefulness

A smile of an angel I would guess

It seemed a million miles we had been

Then he turned away and went back in

I thought I saw an angel one day

An angel that showed me the way

Andy Langford is 21 years old from Mississippi