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Special Angels

He was a gentle man
His smile was kind yet strong,
He stayed ready at a moments notice
In case danger came along.

This day was just like all the others
He joked with all his friends,
A perfect start to a perfect day
Never dreaming it would end.

Then came the call to go to work
So on the truck they sped,
A plane had struck a tower tall
And flames had quickly spread.

Once on the scene his men went in
To save those trapped within,
They brought out many hurt and scared
And then went back again.

Now something’s wrong, the building’s weak
It crumbles to the ground,
He knows his brothers are still inside
He returns until they’re found.

He searches quick, his task is hard
The dust, the smoke, no friends,
He turns to leave, the building shifts
And now he meets his end.

So many saved, so many lost
And for me it ends so sadly,
For you won’t miss him like I will
Cause this hero was my daddy.

Now I’m not sure why God took them away
My daddy and the others,
Unless He needed special angels
To protect their earthly brothers.

B.H. Mabrey, Jr. Copyright, 2001

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